On hearing about the dramatic capture of Antimata, Siha and Peregrin, Bolas went about organising a rescue. Sheriff Hemlock offered some assistance, as did a local Cleric, Caeron… Here is the original plan, as made by Bolas…

OK, here is the original plan that Bolas comes up with…

What actually happened…
Bolas sailed to Thistletop on a clear, moonlit night, with a number of people, including Caeron. Once at Thistletop Bolas spoke to a Suagin they found, who explained about an underwater entrance to Thistletop. The plan was modified, and most people went into the dungeon from the second entrance. Because of the requirement to keep the boat in position, Bolas remained on board, and also kept an eye out for Goblins.
The rescue was a Success! Yay! (Bolas does not know the details)
All returned to Sandpoint. The next night, they once more assaulted Thistletop, and again Bolas had to remain on board his boat, but the raid was successful, and an Evil Wizard was captured. The Wizard, [[Lyrie_Arkenyan?]], was taken aboard the boat to take back to Sandpoint.
On the voyage back, Bolas interregated the prisoner, and found out many details for the threat to Sandpoint.
-- Some 5 years ago, for some as at yet unknown reason, an ancient magical artifact a “Runwell” bacame active, after thousands of years of dormancy. This runewell catured energy from “wrath”, and caused some people in Sandpoint to go mad - this was the cause of the Choppers madness. This also affected Nualia, and made her start to worship Lamatsu. Nualia ook over the goblin tribe at Thistletop, and hired Lyrie to reseach the runewell. She (lyria) also allied with Tsuto (from Sandpoint), and some other Goblin tribes. Nualia is looking for another Runewell, under Thistlepoint.
Lyrie was able to tell Bolas that the Runewell can be used to create “Sinspawn” the evil creatures that we encountered near the runewell under Sandpoint.

Unknown to the others in the party

Bolas sensed that although Lyrie is evil and untrustworthy, she is genuinely interested in researching the runelords, and Bolas suspects that this reseach may turn out to be very valuable. In return for her freedom, Lyrie has agreed to go to Magnimar, and continue her research, awaiting contact from Bolas at the “Swallows Rest” tavern on the Magnimar docks. Bolas allowed Lyrie to escape, provided that she did so under her own power. Lyrie jumped off the boat, and swam ashore. Time will tell whether this was wise or not…

We now know that the Runelord of Wrath is Alaznist, and Lyrie confirmed that Karzoug is also a Runelord, the runlord of Greed. It appears to be Karzoug’s fortress created in the head of the Giant Stature, which is Thistletop.

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