This appears to be part of the history of the Thassilonian empire from many thousands of years ago.

“The early empire was not founded by the runelords who later grew to dominate it, but rather by the First King Xin, who was honored in the names of the empire’s seven capital cities. More than 11,000 years ago, Xin established lawful orders of knighthood and wizardry, endowed monastic traditions, and devoted donations of the kingdom’s wealth to charity and the end of hunger. Yet, more than a benevolent ruler, Xin was a visionary. In seeking to create a paradise of civilization within the span of his own lifetime, he called out to beings from beyond reality and bargained with ancient dragons. These mysterious accords granted Xin an understanding of rune magic-said by some to be the written language of creation-and brought the worship of the mysterious goddess Lissala to Thassilon. Inscribing his orders, contracts, and writs with these symbols of power, he regulated trade, established justice, and arranged his ever-growing lands into seven great domains with an efficiency inspired by magical aid and compulsion. Xin’s just, magic-suffused decrees became known as the Rune Law, and brought about incredible works, empowered the servants of the domain, and compelled the creation of wonders, all of which motivated Thassilon’s swift ascendance in power and influence. This was called the Celestial Age of the Empire.

Xin (Probably Dead) emperor of the Thassilonian empire. No doubt we will be seeing more of him…

The adventurers of Sandpoint have encountered several “Sinspawn”… These were “Wrath Sinspawn”. The Greed sinspwan have yet to be encuntered, however Bolas assumes that their bellies are stuffed full of Gems and Gold, and will be opening them up to look…

Extract from the Pathfinder Campaign Setting - player not character knowledge

Thassilon: The First King Xin founded Thassilon deep in the recesses of time. With Xin’s death, his seven governors, known as runelords, seized their domains for themselves. Each runelord championed one of Xin’s virtues of rule, and in so doing made those virtues into the seven sins of envy,gluttony, greed, lust, pride, sloth, and wrath. The runelords (wrathful Alaznist in Bakrakhan, envious Belimarius in Edaasseril, greedy Karzoug in Shalast, slothful Krune in Haruka, lustful Sorshen in Eurythnia, prideful Xanderghul in Cyrusian, and gluttonous Zutha in Gastash) created monuments to themselves that still stand throughout northwestern Avistan to this day.