Sailing for Ostenso

Looking at the comments, here’s what happens:

The party returns to Sandpoint, Bolas invests in The Wreck of the Grey Prince, starts growing business, visits Manigmar at the end of May, and when he returns he tells you that the murders are still happening. Not long after you had left Manigmar, she managed to kill the Lord-Mayor Grobaras (“apparently the greediest man alive in the city at the time…”), two moneylenders, and a thief. When Bolas visists Manigmar again at in the middle of June, he brings along a scholar, a woman interested in the arcane arts and all things Thessalonian. Together, they brew up storms and clouds, rain and hail, standing on the ruins of The Old Light. On calmer days, the spend the hours reading through books in Brodert Quink’s library. They seem to get along really well with the cantankerous old man. Together they try to figure out what ended the rule of the Runelords. Right now they’re discussing “The Aboleth’s Revenge”:

One theory is that aboleths destroyed the empire in a long- delayed retaliation for the runelords’ theft or corruption of aboleth glyph and life- creation magic. The invasion is said to have come from the sea, driving inland along the rivers and lakes, and ultimately subverting and destroying anyone who professed allegiance to the runelords. Evidence for this theory is sketchy at best, as most scholars are unwilling to consult primary sources among the aboleths.

And of course, the murders are continuing – it’s two or three dead people per week, almost all of them fitting the theory that the victims must be greedy: Adventurers, moneylenders, thieves, “corrupt” guards, etc.

In the mean time, Peregrin has sent letters to his clan back in Ostenso and was rewarded by the arrival of a dozen clansmen and a treasure chest of gold to help finance the rebuilding the Glassworks. All his talking and cheering up of Ameiko Kaijitsu comes to fruition and she ends up teaching the secret techniques of distant Minkai to the halflings. Fully half the profits made will belong to the Knotwise clan!

As things stand, Ameiko is desperately looking for somebody trustworthy to help her out. She needs somebody to run daily business at the Glassworks, or less ideally, a replacement at the Rusty Dragon. (Anybody wanting to volunteer?)

During these four weeks, Antímata has helped Hemlock by taking some Sandpoint guards and riding from farm to farm in the Sandpoint Hinterlands, rooting out the remaining ghouls, calming the farmers between Mosswood and Whisperwood, and looking into the issue of the boggarts in Brinestump Marsh. From some captured Licktoad goblins she learns that a silver haired woman had recently arrived in the company of a large (“veeeeery large!!!!”) red frog man. Further exploration shows that the boggarts don’t seem to be expanding into Sandpoint territory and that the silver haired woman left the Sandpoint area, moving south along the Lost Coast road. A farmer has claimed to have seen her talking to fey creatures in Whisperwood, but since the farmers don’t trust the satyrs and gnomes of the woods, not much more was to be found.

Siha was interested in the stories of this whitehaired woman, but was unable to learn her whereabouts. Apparently she has violet or red glowing eyes. The goblins also said that she’s in the company of a little flying demon that loves to torment goblins. It can fly and turn invisible at will, and it uses a returning dagger to hurt the poor Licktoads.

Siha decides to follow up on these rumors and travels along the Lost Coast road, but soon enough he looses track of her. Nobody living on the road to Manigmar has seen her. That leaves two likely areas: Up the Yondabakari River towards towards Wartle and Lake Syrantula, or accross the river into the Mushfens the shapechanger had mentioned back in Floxglove’s townhouse.

As for Caeron

Finally, around the middle of June, the time has come to sail to Ostenso with the first shipment! Peregrin is charged with safeguarding the glasswares, Bolas decides to put some of these sea charts he found in Manigmar to good use, Razor decides she’ll look after the Wreck, shaking her head as the young lady from Manigmar volunteers to accompany Bolas, and I guess the others come along for good time’s sake.

At sea, Bolas seems to enjoy the wind blowing in his hair and the roll of the waves. Everyday he keeps his eyes peeled, watching the waves and the clouds, observing the winds and the color of the sea. The plan is for the Lost Love to sail south and then east on its 1500 miles journey of thirty days to Ostenso, to Kintargo, the Arch of Aroden and into the Inner Sea.

After leaving Kintargo and their first impressions of the Cheliax diabolic empire, the party sails past the Dismal Nitch south-west along the coast. Three days after the summer solstice Bolas notices a change in the wind, an unnatural gathering of clouds, and without saying a word, he starts looking for a place to anchor that night. The ship is now north of the Ravounel Forest approaching vicious Cape Dis. Soon, the lookout discovers a small fishing village and the Lost Love throws its anchor in the bay of Fair Haven.

The party decides to take a look around and sets ashore in a little skiff. They rest at the Siren’s Swoon, they talk to fishermen, they Gather Information and learn the following:

At last, the party is contacted by the town mayor, Alexander Montcrief. He offers 250 gp per person to clear out any threats from the lighthouse.