Sawmill Seven

With the Golem destroyed, the party loot the body (large +1 scythe, Cloak of Elvenkind), then had a quick look around inside the tower itself. A small noise is sufficient to discourage the party from further investigation as the battle with the golem seriously depleted the party’s resources.

Bright and early the following morning the party was very surprised to find Justice Ironbriar outside the Clock Tower. Apparently the senior legal authorities of Magnimar take it upon themselves to wander around the seedy parts of the city looking for broken doors and things. Most odd.

Deciding not to puush the matter with the law of Magnimar, the party decided to head into town, and sell the loot from the Golem. Peregrin managed to ppersuade some mad gnomish tinkerer to part with gold for the massive scythe. This was an adventure in itself, and will be written up in the tome “Peregrin’s perilous mission involving mad agricultural equipment experts, soft headed gnomes, and the curse of the wilted wheat.”

They then headed over to the Sawmill

With the finest skills in espionage and “cloak and dagger” the party sat outside a tavern, drinking beer, and watching the sawmill. Antímata saw a number of evil people go inside. Bolas used the results of his latest arcane research to be able to view inside the top floor of the Sawmill (Clairvoyance), but was unable to see anything of interest. Shortly after the party was confronted once more by Justice Ironbriar, who demanded to know what they were doing. No getting what he wanted, the Justice wandered off… into the Sawmill. Acting on a hunch, Bolas detected magic, and noticed that the Justice appeared to be under the effects of some enchantment, maybe he was charmed?

Deciding that one option was to remove the charm, the party decided to rest up, while Bolas studdied the arcane intricacies of Dispell Magic.

Returning to the Sawmill the following evening, Peregrin scouted out, and identified a way into the building, which appeared to be full of machinery relating to the sawmill itself. The building appeared deserted, until the top floor, where 13 cultists, and the good Justice could be seen having some evil ceremony. Antímata confirmed that they were all evil, and Bolas decided to interupt their evil committee meeting. Haboob appeared to be tailor made for the circumstances! Lots of people in a small confined space. The evil cultists were most surprised to find that their meeting was interupted by a sudded sandstorm in their room! Fierce winds swirling round, carrying sharp sand, which stripped the flesh from their bones. Most of them were even more surpirsed to be dead the next round. The surviving cultists were quickly dealt with by Antímata, Siha, and Peregrin.

Confronting the Justice, in an office where he had hidden from the stinging sand, Blas blinded him, and Peregrin knocked him out with his sap.

When he awoke, Justice Ironbriar was most forthcomming with details about the goings on of his cult in Magnimar. Apparently he was leader of a cult to Norgorber, and he, together with his lunatic friends were doing their best to slaughter Magnimaran’s whenever they could. The Justice was an evil followed of a cult of Murder, and in fact were SkinSaw Men. Such is the state of the Law in Magnimar. Bolas was not Surprised.

After interrogating the Justice the other members of the party got cold feet over the summary execution that Bolas thought he needed, so they took the Justice to a temple of Sarenrae, who did the job for them.

Deciding that a Boss with an advanced flesh golem for a minion was too much, the party headed back to Sandpoint, vowing to return later.