A young, tall human with silver hair and bright blue eyes. He grew up in sandpoint and was liked by everybody. He believes that everybody has something good inside and that it must be uncovered.

Background Siharon

42 years ago, a young varisian couple settled down and helped building the small town of sandpoint. They became fisherman and lived a peaceful life. They wished for a child, but the years passed and passed. Asking the local priest, Abstalar Zantus the older, for help, they were were told to pray for 6 days straight and then come back.
And so they did.
They returned to the priest and were told to pray for another 6 day to prove their determination. At the end of the 6th day they both had a vision of an angel. The angel told them that their wish shall granted, and that they will receive twins, and both children will also get a special gift. But there is a price to pay.
They agreed, and 9 month later a son, Siharon ,and a daughter, Zenvia, were born. Both were of extraordinary beauty with bright blue eyes and silver hair. They grew up as ordinary childs, learning the profession from their parents. They discovered soon their gifts for they were able to understand magic like no one around. While wizards have to learn for their spells, those two just “know” it. For the time beeing, they decided to hide this special ability.

But there was a price to pay.

At the age of 18, the angel returned and Siharon was drafted for the celestial army. He had to leave Varisia and serve in the celestial army for 5 years. There were many many battles against the armies of the abyss and the armies of the infernal devils. Siharon was assigned to the light infantry using glaives against enemies on mounts.

After having served for 5 years the price was paid. He returned to Varisia only to learn that soon after he was drafted to the celestial army, demons appeared and abducted Zenvia, his twin sister, “to restore the balance”. His parents were killed and their home was burned down to ashes. With all strings cut loose and nowhere to go, he decided to go back to the lifestyle of his ancestors, wandering around in the country. But deep inside him a small little fire, a wish for revenge, started to burn, and his desire to find his sister is unbroken.

Charactersheet info

Human Duskblade (13) AL: Lawful good, Max HP: 114
Abilities (with magic items): STR 18, DEX 18, CON 18, INT 14, WIS 12, CHA 14
AC: 30, Touch 16, Flat footed 26
Armor: Mithral full plate+2, buckler+2
Saves: Fort +13, Ref +9, Will +10
Full Attack: +19/+14/+9 with the sword Demonslayer for 2d6+9 damage, 19-20/x2)

Languages: Common, Varisian, Celestial, Abyssal, Infernal
Special Abilities:

Spells: (0st level): Acid splash, Disrupt undead, Ray of frost, Touch of fatigue
Spells: (1st level): Obscuring Mist, Swift expetitious retreat (lasts 1 round), True strike, Shocking grasp, Resist energy
Spells: (2nd level): Dimension hop, Scorching Ray, Deflect, Swift Invisibility, Swift Fly, Bears endurance
Spells: (3th level): Celestial Cleaning, Celestial Power, Energy aegis
Spells: (4th level): Celestial Fist
Insane combos:
Divine justice

Skills (ranks):

Always “on”

Greater magic weapon +3 spell on the cold iron greatsword

Currently retraining

Siha is learning the feat “improved critical” for his beautiful sword.

Siha is forgetting “tumble” (since he can’t tumble in medium armor) and uses the new won capacity to learn more about using magic items from the Master, Peregrin. His goal, of course, is to use divine magic that way.