Swallows Rest

A cheap, dangerous, and nasty tavern on the sea front and also on the south bank of the Yondabakari River. The junction between the river and the sea is not a good place to moor ships, so it tends to attact businesses that have advantages from being close to the port, without actually needing to dock ships. This typically means warehouses and taverns.
The Swallows Rest is two stories tall, the ground floor being made up of the tavern room, and a flop house for those looking for the cheapest of lodgings. Upstairs are rooms that are a little better, for those with more coin to spend.

Run by an ex-mercenary called Zoldar Arbanath, the Swallows Rest is frequented by the rougher types of sailors, looking for a rough place to sleep, some rough food, and rougher drink. Fights are common. Rumour has it that this is a prime location for smugglers and thieves, but the local authorities tend to stay clear of this area, especially at night, so no charges have ever been placed.

Bolas has moored here in the past, though not often, and has only hazy memories of the place.