Swallowtail Festival

And this is the story how our four heros meet:

Those who didn’t know already learned that Lonjiku Kaijitsu was the owner of the local glass factory, and that his daughter Aemiko was in charge of the rusty dragon.

They also learned about the chopper, a mass murderer who was caught and killed a few years ago.

So when the great reopening of the cathedral took place, all of our four heros were there. And when suddenly about a dozen goblins showed up and attacked the cathedral, they were the first one to help and to fight back. During that fight they meet a young aristocrat called Foxglove, Peregrin helped him while he was chased by a mounted archer.

After some battling the goblins were defeated and they were able to take a prisoner and after some „torture“ (feeding him) they learned about the Thistletop tribes and that there must be a new human leader who tries to unite all the tribes and wage war against mankind.

When everything calmed down, it was discovered that the grave of father Tobyn has be exhumed, there was no sign of the body/bones. What evil things must the evil ones be up to!