Some days ago, Sarah Bivanak mentioned that a group of adventurers had gone to the Brinestump marshes, and managed to disappear.

The party decided to try and track down the missing people.

After some stumping about in the fetid mass of swampy ground, they were attacked by a small but fierce Goblin. Despite a tough battle, he was defeated, and Varkar, the Goblin cannible lay dead in the Marsh. Nearby was his treasure cave, a dank and smelly hideout, with skulls, and bones, and smells. They found 1200gp here, in the muck.

With night falling they headed to a nearby farmhouse, which turned out to be Cougar Crekk farm. The family living there were very pleased to meet the party, however Bolas insisted in paying their way, not wishing to take anything from these poor local farmers.

Once more they headed into the swamp, to look for the missing adventurers. No sign was seen, however just as they were about the turn for home, a party of Bogats was seen, with a prisoner. After a brief skirmish, during which Bolas put his new Glitterdust spell to good use, the enemy fled, and Bilboa was liberated.

An attempt was made to get closer to the Bogart nest, however overwhelming odds persuraded the party to flee for Sandpoint.

There, Sheriff Hemlock made the surprise announcement that there had been another vicious Murder. Was the runewell active again?