Following the successful rescue, and the first assault on Thistletop, the party decided that there was some revenge due to a certain Druid Goblin…

They returned by land to Thistletop, and soaked the thistle barriers in oil. Once set alight, they appeared to burn well. After several hours the fires burnt out, clearing the thorny bushes out of the way. The druid was not seen at any time, though 20 or so Goblins could be seen on thistletop itself, watching the blaze.

Not entierly clear on the success of this mission, the group waited for dark, in order to swim to thistletop, and gain entrance through the underwater passage.

The party swam to the underground entrance that Bolas had found out about earlier from the Sahuagin they met. Once through the entrance they found partly flooded ancient rooms, with images of gold and wealth. They also encountered a monstrous crab, that had taken up residence inside an enourgouns bronze helmet. The crab was nearly the end of the party, causing massive damage, however it was finally slain by Siha.

The party rested up for the night, in the smellly, damp crab room, however Bolas was able to create a nourishing crab soup, that served to keep spirits up.

Once recovered, the exploration of the old ruins continued. The next romm proved to be a formidable obstical, since it contained 3 shadows, however they declined to follow the party, preferring to remain in their lairs. This was fortunate, since they would no doubt have made short work of the party.

They then next encountered a statue that appeared to be made of coins, and what appeared to be some form of cage trap. Both were ignored.

Then! In the very next room, Perigrin found Nualia! With a careful toss of a dagger he was able wound Nualia, and a second dagger followed it, also causing bitter damage to the evil fiend. It was Bolas however who was lucky enough to get in the finishing blow, a fire bolt to her head ended her plans of conquest for good.

They must now explore further…