Travel to Varisia

We’ve been asked by this Elven Lady Shalelu to accompagne her to her father which is helping out the Rangers in Varisia. As the other party members seem to know her from earlier the decision was made fairly quickly.

The first leg of that voyage was fairly simple: Back to Magnimar to rent a boat which can take us up the Yondabakari river. In Magnimar itself, things have calmed down a bit: A gruesome murder series finally stopped (However, nobody actually knows why). Also the old deserted clocktower is really deserted now (Seems to be connected to some event from an earlier visit of my party members to Magnimar).

Finding a ship wasn’t that hard and we spent the first day traveling upriver while lifting the spirits of the crew members with some music.

In the evening we reached Wartle, some backwater town. There we found some hints of why exactly the murders in Magnimar have stopped: The murderers seem to be traveling upriver as well! The evidence we have managed to extract from the (remaining) villagers all points to a boat ahead of us: A beautiful lady and four men have spent about two weeks in this village to repair their boat. The second week they had been here, several murders had occurred (seemingly connected to greedy people). Since they left, nothing happended anymore (on the other side: nobody important lives here anymore either).

The next day we continued our voyage (after some encouraging words with the villagers). The evening we arrived in Whistledown a gnomish town full of live and party. Having spent the whole night with the lively gnomes, our investigations the next day were a bit unsuccessful. However we finally managed to track down somebody who noticed the boat with the lady: It seems that it only landed here for a short time and then continued the travel upriver during the night! However, no murders happened here.

One more day of travel brought us to Ilsuran, a bigger city. It became clear very quickly that we managed to catch up with our lady… The bar she was currently staying at was easily found out. So our group decided to split up with each using his/her special talents to become useful. I thought that the bold direct approach would probably be the easiest way to find out some information about her and if she indeed was responsible for the murders. Getting in contanct was easy: As usual, a song dedicated to her softened her up enough to start some communication. However, things were not that easy as I discovered later: She actually tried to charm me during our conversation. As a bard with some skill in charms as well, it certainly wasn’t any problem to avoid this attempt! But the conversation didn’t touch any important points either. Some small-talk and then we split up again.

In the meantime Siha and Peregrin decided to investigate the ship where the lady was living on. They found a medusa mask and a list of names. Several of the names could be attached to already killed people which led us to the belive that this was a list of potential targets of the lady.

However: Organizing the authorities and trying to imprison her failed due to her charming skills and her sorcerer powers (Siha nearly dead in a firy attack) and we barely managed to flee the city. The next day Peregrin again sneaked into the city to find out what happened and to retrieve the medusa mask and the list which we luckily had hidden beneath some cobble stones before organizing the authorities. But as we also found out: Bolas sits in Prison now and Shalelu has jumped to boat and must be around the city somewhere as well trying to help.