We found some horrid, fetid creature, guarding the tunnels under Sandpoint, it proved most troublesome, nasty bite, and it was clearly able to heal itself in some way. We whittled away at it however, and a lucky strike with a fire bolt put it down for good. (We were later on to learn that this thing was called a “Sinspawn”). We explored a little bit, and found that the creature was guarding an ancient underground ruin, though we could not recognize its style. Within the ruins we encountered an enormous statue, which we eventually decided must be Lamatsu. At this point we agreed that we should recuperate our limited resources, and return to the surface.

Bolas found that with his recent practice with “Kelgore’s Fire Bolt” Bolas was able to hold more spells in my mind, and overall Bolas felt somewhat rejuvenated after these recent exploits. Maybe some of Bolas’s original power is returning, and Bolas will soon once more be able to mold the fabric of the universe to my will.

On return to the surface Bolas visited Father Zantos, and he was able to help Bolas gain a better understanding of some of the more obscure elements of religious theory. Bolas was now certain that the statue found in the ruins is of Lamatsu, the demon mother of monsters and corruption.

Bolas also spoke at length with the Mayor, and decided that some sort of event was needed, to bring together some of the people of Sandpoint, the Mayor was invited, to a party in her honor, and also a number of other people was asked to come, including Ameiko, and certain other noted members of the Sandpoint community.

After speaking with the Mayor, Bolas was surprised to be approached by a young woman named Shalelu, who is a local ranger type, living in the wilderness, and keeping an eye on the surroundings. Shalelu was able to provide a number of details about some of the local characters, including leaders of the Goblin tribes.

Having rested up, Bolas and the others returned to the tunnels, to investigate the ruins further. Another Sinspawn was found, and defeated, and then a third. Now that Bolas knew about them, they were not so troublesome.

Trouble did however come in the form of an annoying flying creature called Erylium. Looked like some sort of Quasit, though a bit more powerful than normal. It was able to shatter Sinha’s weapon, and threw a dagger that returned through some magic power. The quasit also showed them how the Sinspawn were created, some of the Quasit’s blood was dripped into a pool of evil looking water, and a Sinspawn emerged. Erylium was surprised to see that the power of the pool appeared diminished by creating the Sinpawn, which suggests some limit to the numbers that she can create. Bolas though that it might be interesting to see what might be summoned by blood that wasn’t from the Quasit. When it became apparent that neither side could gain victory here, Bolas hammered spikes into the door to block it closed, and the party moved onto other things.