Varisia is the name given to the wild frontier that sits where much of Old Azlant used to be.

Most of Varisia is untamed wilderness, with a mix of Scrubland, Forests, Mountians, and Fertile grass land. Although still a Frontier, three city states are each aiming to carve out an empire here, [[Korvosa?]] (18,486), Magnimar (16,428), and [[Riddleport?]] (13,300). Korvosa is a city built up under Chelixian rule, but now independant. Korvosa is known for its strict laws, and it’s corrupt goverment. Riddleport is known for it’s chaos and danger, a place with few laws, and little order. Magnimar is the middle ground, relatively stable, safe to do business in, and growing in both prosperity and influence.


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