A little more than 40 miles north along the coast is the Windsong Abbey. The Abbey is a fairly recent structure, (about 300 years old), built on much older ruins, that might be from the old Thassilonian empire, however it is difficult to be sure. The Abbey is called “The Windsong Abbey” because it is built on a cliff over the “Song Cove”. Here the cliff face curves sharply round, and is riddled with caves and gullies, when there is a changeable wind (pretty much any storm, or when the wind changes suddenly), the vortexes set up in the cave create strange moaning sounds with whistles and cries that can be heard for some distance around the area. The Windsong cove has always been associated with strange happenings, and mysterious lights and sounds, and ship wrecks are a regular occurrence in the area.

The Abbey is a tall, imposing tower, built to look like a military fortress, though it has never been threatened in since its construction, despite this, its occupants appear to be a peaceable religious order, though the exact details of their worship are unknown. With the general location, and mysterious storms and events in general, some people assume that the Abbey follows some deity of Chaos, however this has never been confirmed.

The occupants do however brew some very fines ales, and make some pretty good wines.