In the Thassilonian empire, Wrath was the sin associated with Evocation. Legend has it that this school opposed abjuration and conjuration.

Alaznist, Runelord of Wrath, was a powerful, blood-cloaked wizard and raging arcane knight. Her magic-, drug-, and mutation-enraged legions carried her thunderbolt-lance blazon and terrorized the neighboring lands of Shalast. Known for her charisma (some would say her ability to terrify her followers), she ruled Bakrakhan and seemed close to forcing a humiliating peace treaty on Karzoug when the world shook and her entire kingdom sank below the waves. Stories occasionally tell of coins of Bakrakhan being drawn up in fishing nets. Alaznist was said to wield an ancient ranseur of charred adamantine, impaled with the skull of the first Runelord of Wrath-as her weapon of rule.


The party has found one Runewell so far, a Runewell of Wrath. This Runewell is now thought to be deactivated, since it was drained of its magical power. Since it is not know that casued it to activate in the first place, it is not known if it will re-activate.

Runewells appeared to be able to store energy associated with their sin, so the Runewell of Wrath stored energy from people with Wrath on their minds…

It is known that the Runewell of Wrath was capable of summoning evil “Sinspawn” creatures, by putting blood into the well. It is not know what other powers a Runewell might have.