The Wreck of the Grey Prince is a large tavern on the dockside in Sandpoint.

Until about two years ago this was known as the Hagfish Tavern, and was owned and run by Jargie Quinn. Jargie lost a leg when it was crushed by a falling barrel during an unloading incident. As a result of loosing one of his legs, Jargie found the inn difficult to run, and it was in declining fortune. When Bolas appeared in town and offered to buy the tavern, Jargie agreed. The sum of money that changed hands is unknown to any except Bolas and Jargie, however Jargie remains bitter and angry. Residents of Sandpoint speculate that even if it had been one million gold pieces, Jargie would still be bitter and angry, but if Bolas got a bargin that would certainly contribute to his general attitude.

Having taken ownership of the Tavern, Bolas surprised the residents of Sandpoint by then dragging in the remains of a large wrecked warship, called “the Grey Prince”, and building it into the tavern structure. Bolas changed the name of the tavern from the “Hagfish” to “The Wreck of the Grey Prince” at the same time. Most of the ship that used to be the Grey Prince was lost, and residents of the town suspect that it foundered off the coast, near the Windsong Abbey, during a major storm that also took place about two years ago. All that remains is the aft end, which would have had the Captains cabin, First Mates cabin, the galley, and some cargo space. Bolas is thought to have restored this as best as possible, and lives in the Captains cabin, above the inn. The First Mates cabin is used by Razor Ocota, a fierce looking dark skined woman, who came with Bolas to Sandpoint, and helps run the Inn. In careless moments some people have heard Razor call Bolas “Stormlord”, or “Captain”, but she always denies this when asked about it. Razor is in charge of the Inn when Bolas is away.

“The Wreck” is a normal working class tavern on the dockside, its was refurbished when Bolas took it over, and is of good quality and well maintained. It has two main rooms, a tap room for beer only, and a bar room where food is also available. Bolas has brought many recipies with him from his travels, and includes items from as far as the River Kingdoms and Ancient Osiron. Beneath the ground floor is a celler, used as storage space. Locals speculate that there is a secret tunnel to the tavern that smugglers use, but if that is part of Bolas’s business, noone can confirm it, and the people of Sandpoint don’t care too much about such things anyway.

Bolas has just recently re-instated “Norah” into the Wreck of the Grey Prince. 1 sp a go, successfuly drink a mug of Norah’s water and claim all the silver in the pouch. Bolas has started the pouch off with 20sp, as an incentive to get people to play once more. In a roudy but good natured ceremony Jargie Quinn was the first to try the “New Norah”, during a noisy evening where Bolas offered all drinks at 1/2 price. The pouch currently holds 29sp.

After recent adventures in Thistletop, Bolas brought back an enormous gold plated bronze helmet, presumably from a large giant. The helmet is crusted with barnicles, and is obviously ancient. Bolas mounted it on a large pole near the centre of the main bar room, and has a stuffed hagfish coming out of its mouth. The halfling Peregrin has begun a custom where people buying a round for the house strike the helmet with a large wooden mallet.

Above the tavern rooms are general lodgings, with rooms for groups, and smaller rooms. These are also known to be of rough, but reasonable, quality, and are often used by the crews of visiting ships, or people too drunk to make it home. Bolas and Razor live in cabins above the tavern, in what is basically a third floor of the building.

Also seen in the tavern on a fairly regular basis is Naffer Vosk, a weather beaten man of a similar age to Bolas. Exactly why Nafler visits is not clear, but he appears to have some sort of history with Bolas.

The tavern serves beer brewed locally, at a good price, beer from the Windsong Abbey, which is expensive, but popular, and a fierce bitter brew from Brinewall, that is also expensive, and a bit of an aquired taste. In the last year of so, the people of Sandpoint have started to use the term “Wrecked” to mean that they got very drunk the previous evening, quite possible at the Wreck of the Grey Prince.
Following a number of recent requests, Bolas has added some wine to the drinks menu.

Andoran Mead: 2sp
Sandpoint Beer: 2cp
Windsong Abbey Ale: 4cp
Brinwall Sour: 4cp
Magnimar White Wine: 8cp
Magnimar Red Wine: 1sp
Revolution Red (Vintage wine from Galt): 2sp
Andoran Honeydew Mead: On Order
Qadira Bright Eyes: 3sp
Kelesh Spiced Rice Wine: 3sp

The tavern also serves strong savoury stews, similar to those favoured up north, and whatever fish is caught locally.

Salted air dried Boar: 2sp
Peppered Goulash with black bread and green beans: 4sp
Sweat Pickled Sea Cucumber with mustard and fresh bread: 5sp
Spicy River Kingdom Gumbo: 3 sp
Local Fish: 3sp
Pickled Brinewall Herring: 3sp
Pickled eggs: 1sp for 2
Fresh Bread: 2cp
Qadira Roast Chicken: 1sp
Kelesh Sweat and Sour fish: 4sp
Beef meatballs in a sauce of almond milk and rice: 2sp
Boiled beans and strips of old roc jerky: 1sp
Cooked root vegetables with breadcrumbs and gingerbread for dessert: 1sp
Flat breads, nuts, melon slices and tea: 5cp
Overripe plums, almonds, dried oatcakes and mead: 5cp
Roasted horse legs and horse marrow pudding served with black bread and ale: 3sp
Sea turtle stew cooked in the shell and eaten communally with pieces of flat bread: 2sp
Squirrel and onion soup served in large mugs, with cheese curds and rye bread on the side: 1sp
Thin, dried fish served with green beans and spiced apple cider: 1sp
Venison custard with peas and beans: 2sp