Bolas is organizing a party at the Wreck of the Grey Prince, to bring together the people involved in the current activities related to the Goblin attacks on the town. To this end he is inviting the Mayor Kendra Deverin, Ameiko, [[Zantus?|Father Abstalar Zantus]], Sheriff Hemlock, Titus Scarnetti, and Ethram Valdemar. Also invited are the other adventurers who have been fighting Goblins, Siha, Antímata, and Peregrin. It is expected that many of the Wreck’s regulars will be there, though Bolas has asked Razor to keep some of the more disreputable elements away, and will be keeping a keen eye out for trouble from the Fatman’s feedbag, following the recent brawl.

Bolas intends to put on free food, and free drink for all the specifically invited guests.

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