Standing over Nualis’s dead body, the party decided that there was no real need to fully explore the Goblin ruins, Goblins not normally having much in that way of loot, and with their leadership gone, probably on their way to breaking up as a tribe.

We returned by boat to Sandpoint, the only sensible way to travel. Unfortunalty some compulsion came over Antimata, and she threw herself over the side (thankfully she had recently removed her armour, or things might have gone badly). Realising that there were probably Sahuagin about, and that they must have cast some spell, Bolas grabbed a rope and jumper after Antimata. Sure enough, she was fighting with two Sahuagin. The cold water must have broken the strange compulsion they used.

Bolas was able to find Antimata in the murky water, and despite being unable to see clearly, or in fact be much good at casting spells, he was able to convince the them that it was not worth fighting, and they left to find easier pickings. Siha, Bolas, and Antimata were quickly lifted back onto the ship by Peregrin, who is clearly stronger than his small stature would suggest.

The next evening was the Party at the Wreck of the Grey Prince. A celebration of victory over the goblins, and chance for the leaders of Sandpoint to reflect on the past, and future.

A number of key people were able to attend, Mayor Kendra Deverin, Ameiko, Sheriff Hemlock, Naffer Vosk, Mayor Deverin, Ameiko, Brodert Quink, Antímata, Peregrin, Siha, Razor Ocato, [[Zantus?|Father Abstalar Zantus]], and a veriatable crowd of other local peopel.

Peregrin and Bolas entertained the crowd with a live-action re-enactment of the epic battles that took place during the raid on Thistletop. After this there was much drinking and feasting, and a good natured competition between Ameiko and Bolas on the cooking of special dishes to mark the occasion. Bolas had to reluctantly agree that Ameiko managed to put together a better mix of foods for the party, much more to the liking of the guests that his own creations. His only saving grace was his Pickled Sea Cucumber, which everyone agreed was particularly fine.
Cooking competition!

Fish Stew vs. Pickled Sea Cucumbers (Bolas)
Roast Venison vs. Salted Boar (Ameiko)
Noodles vs. Apples and Pears in Brandy (Ameiko)

After much merriment and much drinking, there were still some serious matters to discuss. All agreed that while the threat of the Goblins appeared reduced, and that it might be possible that the original cuase of the chopper might be deactivated, there were still uncertain times ahead, and that Sandpoint would need to keep a watchful eye out. With that in mind, Sherrif Hemlock asked Antimata to become deputy sherrif for Sandpoint, a post that she accepted with good grace, despite the increased responsibilities it would bring.

Overall, Bolas determined the party to be a great success, and looks forward to hosting the next one.

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