Equipment Bolas will obtain the following items:
As many oil flasks as he can get
2 x cargo nets from the docks
20 Pitons
200ft rope
3 x daggers, 3 x short swords, 3 x light shields, 3 x light armour (emergency pack for the 3 people to be rescued, so one set will be small)
4 x caltrops
3 or 4 shortbows, or crossbows, arrows
The biggest (tallest) ship available
The Plan
At night Bolas will sail the ship, with the other people, along the coast to Thistletop. Once on the far side of Thistletop (i.e. away from the shore), Bolas will take down the sails, and anchor the ship. He then will send either Jesiffar up the mast, and onto the rock, as high as possible, Jesiffar will climb, taking a rope with him. Once at the top, and unobserved (hopefully), Jesiffar will use the rope to pull up a cargo net, he will then secure the net to the rock by any means possible (tie it onto the rocks preferably, but use pitons if he has to). The bottom of the Cargo net will be secured to the ship. (Bolas will bring two cargo nets, in case only one is not long enough. Everyone can then climb the cargo net pretty easily. Jesiffar will secure a second, emergency rope, further round the island, out of sight, just in case.
Here, the party is to split into two.