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[[image*right*noborder:RotRL-Logo|Rise of the Rune Lords|*store*byCompany*p*paizoPublishingLLC*pathfinder*adventurePath/riseOfTheRunelords]] This is a Rise of the Runelords campaign run by Alex on two Mondays every month.

Setting: Golarion & Sandpoint

  • Sandpoint Sandpoint is a small fishing town in Varisia, on the Aviston continent. Sanpoint is a member of the Magnimar City State, one of three City States that control most of Varisia.
  • Brinewall, Brinewall is a major port to the far north of Varisia.
  • Windsong Abbey A centre for study and learning, about 40 miles from Sandpoint North along the coast.
  • Magnimar The major city for this part of Varisia. Sandpoint is in theory a vasel town of Magnimar, howerver its size and location make it of little interest to the rules of Magnimar.
  • Thistletop Location of the Thistletop Goblin tribe, the ancient head from an enormous statue.
  • Fair Haven Small village on the coast of Chelix (Chelix is a Lawful Evil Empire that borders Varisia)
  • Bloodsworn Vale, a valley to the north-east of Sandpoint



  • Ankhefensekhmet II the First Prophet, High Priest of Schamasch, Godservant in the Place of Truth and Viceroy of An (Florian)
  • Antímata, a human paladin (Moni)
  • Cassen, a human fighter (Harald)
  • Muldoc, a fiend-blooded gnomish wild mage (Jonas)
  • Tumma, a gnomish druid (Olli)



  • Pathfinder Society a group of strange wandering adventurers…
  • Runelords an ancient order of powerful mages, little is known about them…
  • Goblin Tribes Several Tribes of Goblins have been encountered…
  • Notwise Clan a clan of Halfling Traders, looking to expand their influence beyond the borders of The Democratic Republic of Andoran


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