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Campaign ends! Karzoug is slain by the paladin! Party does not reveal the location of Xin-Shalast and spends a year and a day looting its riches.

  • Ankhefensekhmet II, caring little about worldly treasures, soon returns with his slaves to the dwarven stronghold and after a week or so travels back to Osirion. All party members are invited to visit him in An if they wish to marvel at the glorious murals in the Necropolis he oversees, depicting the events in the mountains.
    He will use his new found power to secure the Necropolis with even more magical traps and deadly contraptions. After a surprisingly long life he will be laid to rest in the innermost sanctum, a place worthy of the Hand of Schamash, one day rising again from his slumber to serve the Lord of Law for all eternity.
  • Siha went to the nine hells looking for his sister. If he found her is unknown…
  • Bolas did not catch up with his friends. He spent some time in the Hagfish tavern and never quite recovered the memory of his very long backstory. In addition to that he had found an iron flask some time back in a dungeon cell and put it in his backpack. Many weeks later, he finally opened it and released the succubus hidden inside. The succubus charmed him and together they ran away to destroy crops and spread the power of the storm. In the end they rallied some scattered storm and rune giants that were looking for a new leader after their former stone giant necromancer leader Mokmurian had been defeated. Together, they raised a mountain empire of chaos (and evil, specially when Bolas wasn’t looking). When he disappeared, his apprentice Lenna Fletcher was revealed to be the disguised evil sorceress that had worked in the goblin lair, Lyrie Akenja! She left Sandpoint never to return. Some say she tried to free Bolas from his dark love.
  • Krom disappeared into the wilderness after saving that sea-side village. He kept on wandering and singing, never rose to great power but died of old age in a nice manor house built on the hill sides of the Bloodsworn Vale where he owned a bit of land for services rendered decades ago.
  • Muldoc had really enjoyed the excitement and adventure with his friends. Afterwards, ordinary life on Golarion just didn’t seem interesting enough anymore, and he was afraid that he would lose color and starting to bleach unless he changed something. The fiendish taint in his blood called him into the outer planes, and he spent years on Mechanus, where he tried disrupt the orderly Modron society and was responsible for various pranks and for more than just a few modrons going rogue. But eventually he even tired of that. He was last seen in the Beastlands, riding a deer instead of his beloved phantom steed, adding a colorful spark of chaos to the eternal hunt.

Comments on 2011-04-11

Siehe auch Rise of the Rune Lords Campaign End auf meinem Blog.

– Alex 2011-04-12 12:18 UTC

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Erster Sturm (vor zwei Wochen): 6360 XP pro Person

Eindringen in den Turm (heute): 10200 XP pro Person, 2100 extra für Ankhefensekhmet II wegen der Nymphe

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Der Decapus Vampir und der blaue Drachen wurden besiegt… 9600 XP für Charaktere auf dem Durchschnitt (Stufe 15).

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Nach langem Fasten sind Ankhefensekhmet II und Cassen dazu gestossen. Ankhefensekhmet hatte in Janderhof den Vater des Muldin Malik getroffen, hat dann seine Studien der Shoanti Barbaren und ihrer Überlieferungen auf der Hochebene fortgeführt, und nun hatte er beschlossen, dem Sohn seines Gastgebers in die Berge nach Xin-Shalast zu folgen. Die Gruppe freundet sich mit einer Eisnymphe an, überfliegt das legendäre Xin-Shalast, wird von einem Kraftfeld um den höchsten Turm zurück geschlagen, überfällt ein paar seltsame menschenähnliche Kreaturen aus einer fremdartigen kubistischen Ebene, beschliesst einem armen Skulk in die Tiefen unter der Stadt zu folgen und ein “verstecktes Biest” zu bekämpfen, und hier hat die Session geendet: Vier Skulk Vampire zerstört und das Skelett auf dem Thron zu Staub gemacht, aber irgendetwas böses befindet sich noch hier im Raum… Antímata bemüht sich, es zu lokalisieren, Tumma und Ursina sind auf alles gefasst – denn Tumma hat soeben einen phantasmal killer überlebt…

  • 5040 XP für Charaktere auf Stufe 14
  • 2520 XP für Charaktere auf Stufe 15

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Noch mehr Kannibalenspuk überlebt, dem Wendigo gefolgt und ihn besiegt, den Geist besiegt, die Zwerge bestattet, die Karte gefunden.

Je 7000 XP für Tumma, Antimata und Muldin. Wer unter Stufe 14 hat kriegt 50% Bonus, also 10500.

Comments on 2011-01-03

Also ich bi no L13, also kriegi meh…Muahaha

– Muldin 2011-01-03 22:25 UTC

Hm, normalerweise hätte ich wohl 7000 für Stufe 13 und 3500 für Stufe 14 machen sollen… Andererseits ist das Abenteuer für eine Gruppe ab Stufe 14, also lassen wir es mal so wie geschrieben. :)

– Alex 2011-01-03 23:54 UTC

:) danke!

– Muldin 2011-01-04 18:39 UTC

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Fought Horror Tree and encountered various haunts in the dwarven cabin.

  • Level 14 characters get 2267 xp
  • Level 13 characters get 3400 xp
  • Henchmen get 1133 xp

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The characters defeated the guardian golem, the sinspawn, and the warriors or wrath, and struck a deal with the highlady of wrath Athroxis. In exchange for her help in getting their friends back from the succubi and for some help in getting ready with the fight against Karzoug, the party would help her leave the runeforge (possibly to find a way to revive runelord Alaznist).

The party manages to leave the runeforge! Athroxis disappears. The party returns home to Sandpoint for some rest & recovery. Every Party member get’s to enchant one weapon.

Present: Tumma, Peregrin, Lidda.

  • XP for level 13 characters: 10080
  • XP for level 12 characters: 15120
  • XP for henchmen: 5040

Peregrin Says…

Indecision has split the party. Antímata will not leave her friends behind and will guard the entrance to the halls of Lust. The iron golem guarding the Halls of Wrath was formidable, but size does not scare me. Us smallfolk are hardy and determined. There are many ways to trip a giant. We rest in the Halls of Gluttony and a plan is hatched.

Tumma, Lidda and I stand before the Halls of Wrath. First I uncork the smoking bottle and hold on to it tightly as a jet of smoke gushes forth, filling the room. Lidda and Tumma begin their incantations as I pull my fog goggles into place. The room clears and I can make out the shape of the iron golem through the haze. He begins firing blindly into the room as we approach. Through the graces of Desna (acting through Lidda’s conduit) we are flying. I tread the air as it if it were solid, circling around to the right. The strange gunk Tumma rubbed into my palms is smells acrid and fizzes, and my stony skin glints in the dim light of the fog visors. Sidestepping the golum’s fist Tumma slaps his hary, gunky paw against the golem, smearing a streak of the same green gunk across its chest. I’ve never seen anything react like that to metal before. The surface visibly corrodes away gouging a sizeable chunk from the golem’s plating. I dart in and smear some more on the golem’s knee to similar affect. It’s working! The golem’s fists clang into Tumma’s rock-hard flanks and chips of stone begin flying. Tumma applies more gunk to the golem and pries bits of machinery out of the hole he created with his teeth. I get to work on the other leg. The golem changes tactics and steps back into the hallway, one giant hand closing around my waist as he does so. Impossibly, I wriggle free from his grasp. Desna be praised! We relentlessly smear the green gunk on every surface of the flailing, impotent golem until there is only a scattered pile of rust remaining. Never underestimate the little guys.

We fetch Lidda and continue to a room with two teleportation circles in it. We jump into the blue one and appear in room full of - wait for it - sinspawn. The room fills with smoke as I uncork the bottle again. The sinspawn charge, Tumma (the enormous bear that he is) roars, and I make myself unnoticeable and prepare my array of daggers. Tumma’s claws and teeth rip through their front, catching sinspawn after sinspawn in maw and mouth and rending them to bloody tethers. I let my daggers fly. Ogg encourages Lidda to join the foray and even she acquiesces. But I have been distracted and fail to notice the footsteps of six mages standing in a line in the next room. I rush out to stop them, but it is too late. They focus their fire in the room behind me, and I feel the heat at my back. Six fireballs detonate at once. Tumma is scorched but Lidda, having placed a sacrificial ward on Tumma takes thrice the punishment. Ogg refuses to let her die and heals her a little. She comes to and is able to restore her vitality while Tumma roars and unleashes his own inferno of flame upon the spellcasters. Desna be praised! There is little left to do but pick up the pieces.

We find one living and bring him around. Lidda, with Desna’s help, understands his speech. He explains that the portal to the right leads to the Hall of Testing, and that the portal to the left is simply the flesh warping lab where they create more sinspawn to fill their ranks. We have decimated them quite thoroughly, though more of his friends are in the lab. We let him live and return to Antímata to explain what we found.

We rest and return the next day with the intention of initiating dialogue with Athroxis, the mistress of Wrath. There are more corpses now than we had left - the price of failure it would seem. The flesh lab is deserted, so we step through the portal to the Hall of Testing. We are greeted by Athroxis, though she is not alone. Behind her stands a gigantic demonic creature I have never seen before, and two guards block the retreat portal. Lidda has placed upon me Desna’s gift of speech, and I greet Anthroxis in her own tongue. She is impressed enough of our decimation of her guards that she listens. She explains that she opposes Karzuk, and she would help us if we planned to defeat him. I required the return of my friends and unopposed access to the Hall of Testing, and we made a deal. You should have seen their faces when we showed up with the wrath mistress and her monstrous pet to negotiate their release. It all went rather swimmingly, and she even told us how to use the runewell to imbue our weapons. After performing the correct ritual and retrieving the proper essence, we can create seven types of weapons which will affect a particular type of sin. It’s also to know that Karzuk is the rune lord of greed, and that he resides within his resort at Xin Chalast.

With all that complete we followed the Peacock Feather’s instructions and activated a portal to the prime material plane from the Hall of Testing. Big win for the little guys, I say.

Angry Spellbooks

1st: burning hands, magic missile, shocking grasp, true strike
2nd: bull’s strength, mirror image, scorching ray, shatter
3rd: displacement, fireball, haste

Comments on 2010-12-06

Moved Marco’s text to the front page…

Hell yeah! :)

– Alex 2010-12-08 07:25 UTC

Can you add descriptions of the seven imbueable weapon types?

– Peregrin 2010-12-09 12:11 UTC

Yeah, I think I’ll just prepare a PDF extract…

– AlexSchroeder 2010-12-09 12:30 UTC

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The characters retreated out of the realm of the succubi, leaving invisible Siha in the druid’s cage and unconscious Muldin in his own cage… They explored the Maze of Sloth, finding nothing useful except tunnels filled with a potent mix of acid fog and cloud kill inhabited by little green Neanderhalflings or gremlins. The party also discovered that touching the runeforge waters granted weird visions, and that the phoenix quill would answer at least one question with a little riddle. How do we get back? Cast a teleportation spell in the Sihedron circle in the Hall of Testing. Asking more questions required pushing through a little mental wall but Lidda was unwilling to do that. The visions also showed the major players yet undiscovered: a mithril man for the halls of Greed (which the sin of runelord Karzoug!) and an angry woman with a flaming ranseur in the halls of Wrath.

The party decided to investigate the halls of Wrath and fought a flying iron archer golem. Tumma nearly died but was able to save himself using a meld into stone spell.

Present: Tumma, Antímata, Peregrin, Lidda.

  • XP for level 13 characters: 2229
  • XP for level 12 characters: 3343
  • XP for henchmen: 1114

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Schwere Zeiten…

Siha, Krom, Muldin Malik and Tumma braved the big phoenix hall and managed to kill two of four invisible wizards and then followed another two into a cathedral-like room with four alu-demons, a succubus, and five stone giant slaves – as well as the two wizard clones. Muldin and Tumma ended up in cages guarded by giants. In the end, the succubus and the two clones left to look at their lair and Tumma changed into a bird and escaped, flying up to the roof. The giants called the alu-demons; they soon spotted the druid-owl and flew up. Krom started playing music and they decided to return to the bard. In the mean time, Siha is still in Tumma’s cage, invisible for a few more rounds. How will this end?

XP: 1500 each if you’re level 13.

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4 PCs, one henchman; avg. party level is assumed to be 13; party members on level 13 get 1800 XP; on level 12 and lower, you get 2700 XP; henchmen and PCs on level 14 and above just get 900 XP.

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