Doppelgänger (Picture)

Disguise (2nd circle) allows you to change your face as you please. Shape change (3rd circle) allows you to change the rest of your body as well, as long as your shape remains roughly human. The number of your limbs and your mass remain unchanged.
The doppelgänger is a shape changer. It kills people and takes their place, assuming their victim’s looks, manners, speech, love life, parental duties… But it isn’t perfect. Mistakes start piling up. It needs to remained focused at all times. There is no room for alcohol and wild parties or thing will start slipping.

When they die, they don’t “change back.” One way to identify a dead doppelgänger is to cut it open: you’ll note that the placement of their organs is wrong and that their bones deviate slightly. The number of doppelgängers living among us humans remains unknown. We have never seen whole communities taken over. They prefer to spread, spending years in the wilderness, living as rangers, charcoal burners, wandering monks and hermits.

The entire magic school of body alteration is based on doppelgänger magic. If you befriend a doppelgänger, it might teach you disguise and shape change. Apparently, shape shift (4th circle) is beyond their ken. They are limited to human shapes. We don’t know of doppelgängers in non-human societies.

HD 4 AC 5 1d12 F10 MV 9 ML 10 XP 190; shape change at will

Numbers: 1d4. When an infestation starts spreading, there will be more than one.

Treasure: Whatever their former victim used to own. 20% for 1d4x1000 silver, 20% for 1d4×1000 gold, 10% for 1d4×100 platinum, 20% for 1d6 gems, 10% for 1d4 jewelry, 5% for a magic item.

Terrain: any.