Ape, Giant

Ape, Giant (Picture) The giant ape fur is usually white, brown or black. Some of the tribes are more intelligent than others, mastering a language and the art of hunting with spears. From such tribes, retainers and future player characters can be recruited.

HD 3 AC 7 1d6/1d6 F3 MV 12 ML 5 XP 50

Numbers: 1d20. They live in jungles, some of them solitary, others in larger tribes. Larger groups may live together with smaller monkeys, but these never fight. They just make a lot of noise, if you try to sneak up to the giant apes.

Names: Buttkick, Roundkick, Ironfist, Doublefist, Breakthrough.

Treasure: When encountered in a ruined temple, they might have collected some shiny stuff. 20% for 1d4x1000 silver, 30% for 1d6×1000 gold, 10% for 1d6×100 platinum, 10% for 1d6 gems, 10% for 1d6 jewelry.

As player characters they play as follows:

  1. they speak their own language (like the Wookie Chewbacca)
  2. they wear no armor and wield no melee weapons
  3. they can throw bamboo spears
  4. they have a natural armor class of 7
  5. they can only use a limited set of magic items: amulets, necklaces, ioun stones, earrings – anything requiring neither arms nor feet nor anything worn like clothes
  6. they attack twice per round
  7. minimum strength is 9
  8. maximum level is 8 because they are not very ambitious
  9. they use a d8 for their hit dice
  10. ordinary giant apes start at level 3 when hired
Level Experience

They attack like fighters:

AC 0123456789
Level 119181716151413121110
Level 21817161514131211109
Level 3171615141312111098
Level 416151413121110987
Level 51514131211109876
Level 6141312111098765
Level 713121110987654
Level 81211109876543