Basilisk (Picture) The basilisk is the “little king of serpents” – it’s a monstrous snake ten paces long and nearly chest high at its thickest. The basilisk’s scales are usually green or brown, and upon it’s head it wears a crown of gold. It’s lair is filled with toxic fumes, a deadly poison to all. It’s breath poisons the air for 30 ft. around it. When you breathe in these fumes, save vs. poison or die. You can hold your breath for one round and fight. If you keep fighting, save vs. death or faint. Once you faint, your body will start breathing again. At which point you’ll need to save vs. poison or die. It’s gaze will also kill, such is the power of it’s poisonous spirit. If it sees you, and you did not have to save vs. poison this round, do so now or die. And finally, if you manage to approach the basilisk without being slain by it’s stench or gaze, you still have to survive it poisonous fangs. If you are hit, and you did not have to save vs. poison this round, do so now or die.

HD 6+1 AC 4 1d10 + poison F6 MV 6 ML 9 XP 680

Numbers: 1. The basilisk lives alone. The general area where a basilisk rules might feature a lot of snakes, but none will approach a basilisks lair and none will fight intruders. The basilisk hatches from a cursed egg lain by a cock and is thus also known as a cockatrice. It never mates.

Treasures: A basilisk’s lair usually contains the remainders of many a dead villager and soldier foolish enough to try and kill it. 20% for 1d4x1000 silver, 50% for 1d6×1000 gold, 10% for 1d4×100 platinum, 50% for 2d6 gems, 50% for 1d6 jewelry, 20% each for four magic items. Also, a golden diadem worth 500 gold.