Bear (Picture) Bears may stand up in combat, attacking with both claws and a bite—and if both their claws hit, the bear will hug you for an additional 2d8 damage. When encountered in their natural habitat, bears will usually ignore you unless you come closer than 30 ft. or if they are hurt in any way.

HD 4 AC 6 1d4/1d4/1d6 + hug F2 MV 12 ML 5 XP 135

Numbers: 1d4. They live as small families or angry loners.

Treasure: none.

War Bears: Trained bears are sometimes used by dwarves as pets. These can wear a metal back plate and skull cap giving them AC 4 instead of 6. A trained war bear will cost 500 gold and the armor that goes along with it will cost you another 500 gold. They’ll only sell it to you if you are a dwarf friend. You must have performed some valuable service for the clan before they sell you their precious war bears. War bears can be used as mounts by small creatures (usually dwarves, elves and halflings).

Larger bears are possible. Usually these dire bears are the result of Ursomancy—bear magic.

HD 6 AC 6 1d6/1d6/1d10 + hug F3 MV 12 ML 11 XP 570