Bee, Giant

Bee, Giant (Picture) Giant bees are the result of earth magic leaking into the environment. They are as big as cows, their wingspan is as wide as a house and when they fly it sounds like war drums.

Don’t be fooled by their name. These bees are omnivorous and kill sheep and halflings for food. When stung, save vs. poison or die. These stings are solid. The bee will not die after having stung its victim.

Their nest is ruled by a queen. If she dies, the entire nest will disperse and die sooner or later. The queen itself is huge, practically immobile and does nothing but lay eggs. She does not fight.

HD 4+1 AC 5 1d6 + poison MV 15 ML 9 XP 47

Number: 1 scout, 2d4 feeding party (and their victim), or a nest with 2d4×10 including a queen.

Treasure: gelée royale (royal jelly) is what the bees use to feed larvae destined to become new queens. It is said to be the most potent cure for old age, wasting diseases and lack of virility. That is why the jelly of one nest is worth 5000 gold to the old and the dying.

Giant Wasps and Giant Ants are just like giant bees, except ants only fly when they are about to mate.

Certain savage tribes of lizard people have learned the pheromone secrets allowing them to use giant wasps as mounts.