Bugbear (Picture) Bugbears are lynx-people, often a bit taller than humans. They live in the woods, naked and wild unless they have entered the service of a dark elf queen in which case they’re busy stealing you babies leaving ugly psychopath changelings for you to raise instead—or spying for the raiding party soon to follow.

They will surprise you on 1–5 in 6. This makes them natural thieves and assassins in the service of dark elves.

HD 3+1 AC 5 1d10 F3 MV 9 ML 9 XP 100

Numbers: 1d12. Typically you will encounter a small Commando or scouts. Where they are found, their elven masters are not far behind. If they are not in the service of anybody, they are elusive and hard to find.

Treasure: If they carry any treasure then it is money earned serving their elven masters. 20% for 1d4x1000 silver, 30% for 1d4×1000 gold, 30% for 1d8 gems, 20% for 1d4 jewelry, 10% for a magic item useful on their current mission.