Dwarf (NPC)

Dwarf (Picture) Dwarves are small, maybe 4 ft. tall. They all have a beard. Whether dwarven women actually exist or whether they just look like men is a dwarven secret. They consider such talk inappropriate. Dwarves are known for their greed and their industry. Based on inscriptions such as “instead of making a son, I made this golem blade in the year 4435” it is assumed that dwarves can somehow make their sons.

The most famous dwarves of old were able to create magical golem armor. It grants AC 1. A golem shield adds another AC -3 for a total of AC -2. Similar magic golem swords +2 exist. All these items were made just for dwarves.

HD 1 AC 4 1d6 MV 6 ML 10 XP 10

Numbers: a clan with 5d8 merchants, led by a dwarf with level 1d6+2 and accompanied by 1d6-1 war bears (possibly none).

Names: Thunderclap Earthstrong, Treearm Bullhead, Ironhelm Deepdigger, Longbeard Carroteater. If you want dwarven names, check out the Neo-Khuzdul Dictionary.

Treasure: they carry an enormous amount of gold in order to purchase things for their underground strongholds. 50% for 1d6×10 000 gp, 50% for 1d4×100 pp, 30% for 2d8 gems, 20% for 1d10 jewelry, 30% each for six magic items. Their leader may own more magic items: 5% per level per item type usable by people that cannot cast spells.

Terrain: caves, forests, mountains.

Stronghold: A dwarven stronghold will usually have ten times the number of dwarves and even more treasure: 1d6×100 000 gp, 1d4×1000 pp, 12d8 gems, 4d10 jewelry, 8d8 magic items. The magic items will including many potions, warding scrolls and treasure maps, as well as some ancient golem armor and weapons—all of them precious family heirlooms with their clan insignia and lists of owners going back centuries. The most powerful dwarf will be level 9–12, depending on the size of the population, surrounded by a circle of trustworthy clan heads, all of them with level 1d6+2, each of them responsible for 20–25 dwarves.

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