Elf (NPC)

Elf (Picture) Elves are small, but not as small as dwarves—they are maybe 5 ft. tall. They have no facial hair and it’s hard to tell whether you’re talking to a man or a woman. Just go with what they say. Elves are known for their longevity and their patience. This means they don’t often meddle in the affairs of humans because from where they are coming, any human problem usually resolves itself within a few decades.

Elves also like to spend decades perfecting the arts and crafts. The older elves have all made their own set of perfect elven plate +1, shield +1, sword +1 and longbow +1. Everything they make is better, and they know it. Everything humans make is shoddy and hastily made, but what can you expect?

HD 1+1 AC 5 1d6 or spells MV 12 ML 10 XP 15

Numbers: a small group of 2d12 elves traveling, including an elf with level 1d6+1.

Names: Longevity, Sleepyflower, Forestflute, Waspheart, Lushvalley. If you want elvish names, check out Compound Sindarin Names in Middle-earth, which is part of Parf Edhellen.

Treasure: they carry an enormous amount of gold in order to purchase things for their underground strongholds. 30% for 2d6×1000 gp, 30% for 1d4×100 pp, 15% for 1d8 gems, 10% for 1d8 jewelry, 30% each for five magic items. Their leader may own more magic items: 5% per level per item type usable by people that cannot cast spells.

Terrain: forests, jungles.

Stronghold: An elven stronghold will usually have ten times the number of elves. The most powerful elf will be level 9–10, depending on the size of the population, surrounded by a circle of trustworthy friends, all of them with level 1d6+1, each of them responsible for 10–12 elves.

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