Ettin (Picture) Sometimes giants are poisoned by Earth Blood in an accident and they will start to change, growing a second head, always bickering, restless, unhappy together. As they can see more and sleep less, they are only surprised on a 1 in 6.

HD 11 AC 3 3d6/3d6 F10 MV 12 ML 9 XP 1700

Numbers: 1. Two heads is enough! They are sometimes part of orcish war bands, useful whenever brute force is required.

Treasure: Whatever stole from towns and villages over the years. 50% for 1d8×1000 silver, 50% for 2d6×1000 gold, 20% for 1d6×100 platinum, 30% for 1d6 gems, 10% for 1d4 jewelry, 10% for a magic item.

Terrain: caves, forests, jungles, ruins, swamps.