Giant (Picture)

Stone shape (5th circle) allows you to shape earth and stone with your hands for half an hour, allowing you to dig tunnels for 10ft/min. Control weather (5th circle) allows you to change the weather for the next 24h.
The current gods and demon lords did not inherit the world. They took it from their predecessors, the giants, titans and jötunar of old. The giants are much diminished, now. Much of their magic has been spent in these struggles long ago, fighting the lords of fire, air and earth, the afarit, jinn and marid.

The hill giants have lost all their powers of creation. Their size is all they have left: they are about twice as large as a human. They live in remote areas, unconcerned with the world of other people, trying to stay out of their wars, raising sheep and keeping to themselves.

Sometimes hill giants are exposed to Earth Blood when as they stumble around in caves. Survivors occasionally turn into ettins.

HD 8 AC 4 2d6 F8 ML 8 MV 12 XP 560

All the other giants are larger: they are about thrice as tall as a human, maybe more—but certainly no longer as big as a mountain, a volcano or a glacier. The larger giants can throw stones for over 200ft.

Both stone and frost giants cast spells and can teach them to you, for a price.

The stone giants live in remote mountains, making sure the passes remain closed.

HD 9 AC 4 3d6 or 3d6 ranged F9 ML 9 MV 12 XP 1700; stone shape and control weather at will

The frost giants live in Jotunheim, a realm of snow storms and glaciers. Entrances to their gargantuan palaces of ice and darkness can sometimes be found under towering glaciers and on mountain tops.

HD 10+1 AC 4 4d6 or 3d6 ranged F10 ML 9 MV 12 XP 1700; stone shape and control weather at will

The noblest of them all are the fire giants. They live in Muspelheim, an underground realm of lava lakes and fire. Sometimes their underground lairs and strongholds can be reached by descending into volcanoes. There, they forge the flaming swords and enchant magic suits of armor for the armies down below.

HD 11+1 AC 4 5d6 or 3d6 ranged F11 ML 9 MV 12 XP 2000

Numbers: 1d4.

Names: Angrboda, Fárbauti, Gangr, Hrafn, Thrymr, Ymir.

Treasure: Their strongholds sometimes have great hoards of treasure. 30% for 1d10×1000 sp, 2d6×1000 gold, 20% for 1d8 gems, 10% for 1d8 jewelry, 30% each for four magic items.

Terrain: caves, mountains.