Gnome (Picture)

Speak with animals (1st circle) allows you to speak with all the animals for 20min. Stone talk (2nd circle) allows you to speak with all the animals for 20min. Earth swim (4th circle) allows you to glide through the earth like a fish through water for two hours. If the spell ends and you are not back on the surface, you will slowly suffocate underground, immobilized, and nobody will hear you scream.
Gnomes are small Earth faeries, maybe two or three feet tall. They all have white hair, a white beard and a tall red hat that adds at least a foot in height. These gnomes are not related to murderous dwarves wearing red caps! Gnome women appear not to exist. All couples are formed by two bearded, white haired gnomes. When asked about their children, they’ll say that they “found” them deep underground. Gnomes cast spells and can teach them to you, for a price.

Gnomes are known for the ease with which they dig tunnels and their love for gems. Their underground realms are always lavishly decorated. Human miners are their worst enemies. Once a gnome realm is discovered, it will attract a hundred desperadoes looking for riches. Sometimes the gnomes manage to prevent this by causing cave-ins and elevator failures as soon as they fear discovery.

All gnomes found on the surface, in forests and hills, love animals and speak the language.

HD 1 AC 5 1d6 MV 6 ML 8 XP 10; speak with animals, stone talk and earth swim at will

Numbers: a clan with 5d8 miners, led by a gnome with 5 HD and accompanied by 1d6-1 giant badgers (possibly none).

Names: Joyful, Sitting, Diamond Love, Emerald Ring, Happy Happy, Lore Beard, Gift Giver.

Treasure: they love gems. 30% for 1d6×1000 gp, 80% for 5d10 gems, 30% for 2d10 jewelry, 30% each for three magic items.

Terrain: caves, forests.

Player Characters: gnomes have a level limit of 6; in all other aspects they are like halflings.