Goblin (Picture) Goblins are small creatures of the night. They can see in the dark and they are good at sneaking around, like halflings. In fact, they sometimes try to pass themselves off as halflings. They are easily blinded by sunlight and prefer large hats, leather masks or goggles when moving around on the surface, however. Goblins have no gender. They simply crawl out of warm, underground mudpits. The legend of Bullwrangler says that this hobbit hero drowned in a mudpit and that Earth Blood keeps creating copies of Bullwrangler. Depending on who is telling the story, these copies are either corrupted or much improved, of course.

Goblins love animals, specially the giant and monstrous varieties. They are able to use them as mounts. This combines goblin intelligence with giant animal strength. And there will always be enough goblins to replace a few fallen riders.

HD 1-1 AC 6 1d6 MV 6 ML 7 XP 5

Numbers: 6d10, sometimes in the company of 2d6 giant animals. Roll 1d6: 1 = no giant animals, 2–3 = giant wolves, 4 = giant weasels, 5 = giant spiders, 6 = giant beetles.

Names: Death Rider, Man Killer, Eye Poker, Wolf King, Beetle Basher, The Impaler.

Treasure: Usually cheap trinkets. 60% for 1d8x1000 silver, 30% for 1d4×1000 gold, 10% for 1d4×100 platinum, 10% for 1d6 gems, 30% for 1d6 jewelry.

Terrain: caves, forests, swamps.

Player Characters: goblins have a level limit of 6; they can see in the dark; in all other aspects they are like halflings.