Golem (Picture)

Artifical life (3rd circle) animates any kind of material and imbues it with a life of its own. You need a handful of gems and crystals to bind the magical energies. The value of these gems makes no difference: spending 5000gp instead of 100gp just creates a better looking golem. The HD of such a golem is limited by the material used and it is limited to its creator’s level minus one. Such a creature needs no rest, no food, no water and no friends. It does not sicken nor will it ever die unless destroyed by violence. Golems do not speak and are a bit dim. They don’t use interesting tactics, they can’t cast spells and they don’t use ranged weapons, but they will defend their creator at all costs, taking any blows aimed at them, if possible. Sadly, while most are loyal servants they still take a retainer slot. If their creator has more retainers than allowed by their charisma, the golems may malfunction and gain independence.
Golems are creatures created by powerful magic-users using the spell artificial life. Since they are close to animated objects, they are immune to arrows and they are immune to most spells. They will still stumble on a slippery slope and they will still burn if they are made of wood, so some adjudication is required.

All golems are large and strong. They often act as sleepless guardians, tireless porters and fearless protectors. And since they don’t die, they keep following the orders of their long dead masters.

Straw: HD 1 AC 9 1d6 MV 12 ML 12 XP 16
Wood: HD 2 AC 7 1d8 MV 12 ML 12 XP 38
Clay: HD 3 AC 6 1d10 MV 12 ML 12 XP 80
Flesh: HD 5 AC 5 2d6 MV 12 ML 12 XP 500
Bone: HD 8 AC 2 1d6/1d6/1d6/1d6 MV 12 ML 12 XP 2060; four arms
Stone: HD 9 AC 1 3d6 MV 12 ML 12 XP 2400
Bronze: HD 10 AC 0 3d10 MV 12 ML 12 XP 2400
Iron: HD 11 AC -1 2d6/2d6 MV 12 ML 12 XP 2800

Numbers: 1.

Treasure: the power crystals and ley lines require gems which may be recovered. 2d6 gems.

Terrain: caves.