Gorgon (Picture) The gorgon looks like a sad bull with drooping eyes and shaggy hair. Its size makes it easy to hit but hard to kill. The gorgon exhales a deadly poison and anybody within 30ft must save vs. poison or die. When enraged, it will charge any survivors with its horns.

HD 8 AC 7 2d6 F8 MV 12 ML 8 XP 1560

Gorgons are manifestations of a curse placed upon a location. A demon lord might curse a temple with a gorgon guardian, for example. Unless the curse is broken, the gorgon cannot be truly killed. Any random bovine animal approaching the location will be struck by the curse and turn into the next gorgon.

Numbers: 1.

Treasure: none.

Terrain: mountains, savannas, swamps.