Gryphon (Picture) The gryphon is proud and regal, for it believes itself to be half king of the air and half king of the land. Most people think these beasts are arrogant fools. And yet, their front looks like an eagle with beak, talons and wings, and their back looks like a lion, with paws and tail, and they truly are fierce fighters.

Only the most lawful and just fighter can hope to adopt a young gryphon as their mount. And even then, the gryphon will think of itself equal to its rider, if not superior.

HD 7 AC 5 1d4/1d4/2d8 F4 MV 36 ML 8 XP 440

Numbers: 2d8.

Names: Exalted One, Supreme Being, King of the Mountain, Divine Hunter.

Treasure: none.

Terrain: mountains.