Halfling (NPC)

Halfling (Picture) Halflings are small, rural folk, maybe 4ft tall, just like dwarves, except they aren’t as endowed with magic and not as strongly tied to the underworld, nor as hairy. Halflings are known for their pastoral lifestyle and their lack of ambition, but every now and then some of them break the mold and roam the world as mean assassins and worse.

Halflings can blend into their surroundings like the meanest bugbears They surprise you on 1–5 in 6. In addition to that, they get +1 to ranged attacks and they get an AC bonus of -2 when fighting giants.

HD 1 hp 1d6 AC 7 1d6 MV 9 ML 7 XP 8

Numbers: small villages of 5d8 halflings, including their leader with level 1d6+1.

Names: Berylla, Isumbras, Lalia, Mentha, Seredic, Tobald. If you want hobbit names, check out the list of hobbits, on Wikipedia.

Treasure: they’re not very rich. 30% for 1d4×1000sp, 20% for 1d4×1000gp, 30% for 1d8 gems, 20% for 1d4 jewelry, 10% for a magic item. Their leader may own more magic items: 5% per level per item type.

Terrain: forests.