Hobgoblin (Picture) Hobgoblins are as large as humans and have very little in common with goblins. They are proud, fierce, organized, martial, expansionist—always trying to crush their neighbors, their legions propping up this emperor or that god king. What little they have in common with goblins is this: they can see in the dark and thus they like to move their armies in total darkness. They also have no gender. They simply crawl out of sulfurous mudpits.

HD 1+1 AC 6 1d8 MV 9 ML 8 XP 15

Numbers: a war party of 4d6, led by a captain with 3+1 HD and accompanied by 1d6-1 giant apes (possibly none).

Names: Daggerheart, Wolfson, Fifth, Blondie, Impaler, Bridgeburner.

Treasure: Sometimes they carry the pay for their armies. 20% for 1d6x1000 silver, 30% for 1d6×1000 gold, 20% for 1d4×100 platinum, 20% for 1d6 gems, 20% for 1d6 jewelry.

Terrain: caves, forests, ruins, swamps.

Player Characters: hobgoblins have a level limit of 6; they can see in the dark; in all other aspects they are like fighters.

Legions: Unless you want a long campaign arc involving a hobgoblin war, you probably don’t want to introduce a legion of 5000 hobgoblins into your region.