Horse (Picture) Horses are the favorite mounts of humans. From steppe warriors armed with bows to armored nobles with lances, they all use horses for mobility. Over many days, traveling by horse is more comfortable than moving on foot, but in general it’s not much faster than marching on foot unless you can change horses along the way. They need time to cool down, to recover, to eat and to digest.

In large battles, cavalry is deadliest when the enemy is fleeing. It’s hard to force a horse to charge armed lines of soldiers.

When attacking people on foot from horseback, you need a long weapon like a spear or a long sword, or a short bow. Once you’re in melee, the horse will also attack with its hooves.

A trained war horse can wear barding, reducing it’s AC to 5.

HD 2 AC 7 1d4/1d4 F1 MV 24 ML 7 XP 20

Number: 1d10×10 wild horses.

Treasure: none.

Terrain: savannas.