Invisible Stalker

Invisible Stalker (Picture) Invisible stalkers are spirits of madness and murder in Vanaheim. They can be summoned and bound to a task using the spell invisible stalker (6th circle). An invisible stalker will pursue this task until it succeeds or dies trying. Needless to say, they are filled with hate and resentment and would turn on their master at the first opportunity.

The invisible stalker is not actually invisible. They are simply transparent enough to surprise their foes on 1–5 in 6.

HD 8 AC 3 2d8 F8 MV 12 ML 12 XP 1060

Number: 1.

Names: Hate, Death, Pain, Stab, Maim, Maul.

Treasure: none.

Terrain: none—if a magic user is out to kill you, an invisible stalker might show up wherever you are, every single night.