Lamprey, Giant Psychic

Lamprey (Picture) Giant psychic lampreys float through the air, carried forward by Earth Magic and their lust for warm blood. While they are hiding 9n the dark recesses of caves, they ar echarged with psychic energy. Before attacking, they discharge a psi storm which will stun anybody within 30ft for 1d6 rounds unless they save vs. paralysis. Stunned victims are unable to act but they are not considered helpless. Once their bite hits, they’ll attach themselves to their victim. From now on, they’ll deal automatic damage until the victim is dead.

HD 5 AC 5 2d6 MV 3 ML 9 XP 350; psi storm, attach

Numbers: 2d4.

Treasure: the remains of all their victims they sucked dry… 30% for 1d6×1000 sp, 20% for 1d6 gems, 20% for 1d6 jewelry, 10% each for two magic items.

Terrain: caves.