Lizard, People

Lizardfolk (Picture) Lizard people are about as tall as humans, proud of their ancient culture, story tellers and poets, and maybe a bit out of touch with the latest developments. They may have been the first to discover Earth Blood at the dawn of time, but they never did much with it. A few rituals here and there, a terrible snake empire or two, and yet they still wield their simple weapons made of sticks and sharpened stones, their ways unchanged, their songs untouched.

HD 2+1 AC 5 1d8 F2 MV 12 ML 7 XP 35

Numbers: small tribes of 6d6 including a leader with 1d4+2 hit dice, accompanied by 1d6-1 giant wasps or giant lizards (possibly none).

Names: Son of Set, Egg Mother, Forked Tongue, Nest Builder, Poet Heart.

Treasure: the wealth they have will be plunder or ancient treasures. 20% for 1d6×1000sp, 20% for 1d6×1000gp, 30% for 1d8 gems, 20% for 1d4 jewelry, 10% for a magic item. Their leader may own more magic items: 5% per level per item type.

Terrain: deserts, jungles, swamps, ruins, savannas.