Lycanthrope (Picture) Lycanthropy is a powerful disease. It turns ordinary humans into werewolves – the full moon turns them into bloodthirsty beasts. Their body changes into a bestial half human, half wolf, with long claws, a terrible jaw, and it fills their minds with lust for blood. The victims do not remember their acts of murder and will try to hide the evidence of their rampage: torn clothes, dead bodies, broken doors and an unbelievable amount of blood. After a few months, the victims that managed to remain hidden and avoided a lynching learn to accept their true nature and leave human societies to live amongst their new kin. They forget about their human lives and shapes, eventually.

In their bestial shape, they can only be harmed by magic or silver weapons. Their howls will call wolves from nearby forests. These will show up within ten minutes. They cannot stand the touch of wolfbane – a toxic flower that can be bought from old people at markets but which wilts within a few days. Seeing it forces a morale check and getting hit by it forces them to flee.

HD 4 AC 5 1d10 F4 MV 18 ML 8 XP 190; requires magic or silver to hit; call wolves

Any human killed by a werewolf will not actually die. Instead, they will recover within a day or two, and on the next night of the full moon, they’ll turn into a werewolf. This applies only to humans!

This is why villagers are suspicious of anybody spending a few days in the forest. Who knows, maybe they caught the disease? They will be watched anxiously for scars and torn clothes.

Numbers: 2d6, but there will always be another 2d6 wolves in the vicinity.

Names: Konrad, Lilly, Marcus, Nora, Oliver, Pentesilea, Quinton.

Treasure: The treasures of their victims. 30% for 1d6×1000 sp, 20% for 1d6 gems, 20% for 1d6 jewelry, 10% each for two magic items.

Terrain: forests, ruins.

Many similar diseases exists: wererats rule the sewers of big cities, werebears keep dark forests safe, wereboars take over remote mills, werecats terrorize remote villages, and so on. Use the same stats for all of them, but instead of calling wolves, these will call their appropriate kin instead.