Marid (Picture)

Water (1st circle) creates a natural water source where clean drinking water can be had for an hour per level. Fog (2st circle) summons forth a supernatural fog that spreads in all directions for an hour per level, limiting sight to a few feet. Within the fog, ranged attacks and all spells that require a visible target are therefore limited to a range of but a few feet. This also works underground and within buildings. Rain (3rd circle) summons forth a rain cloud that spreads in all directions. This only works outside. The heavy rain will soon turn the ground to mud. All stones are slippery, all rivers are swollen, are fords impassable, travel comes to a standstill. The rain lasts for an hour per level and the mud takes as many days to dry up. Flood (4th circle) results in supernatural swell in a nearby body of water. A lake, a river, an ocean, anything large enough that can only be crossed with difficulty is good enough. Such a flood tears down any wooden structures: houses, palisades, bridges, they are all swept away, dams will break, rivers will overflow, flatlands will be drowned. Anything standing on its legs will eventually be swept away and if you can’t swim, save vs. death once per round or die. You can’t swim in metal armour. Flood is fast right next to its source but as the water spreads out the flood is slowed. Then again, if the flood is sent down a small valley, the water with race downhill until it runs into a bigger body of water. The water flow will continue for an hour per level. Destruction (5th circle) is an undoing of creation. A blast of rain, snow, hail from a rip in structure of the universe will flatten any building within minutes and kill any creature within it unless it saves vs. death. The roiling clouds, the earth tremors and the electrical discharges around the rip will continue for hours but the destruction itself is wrought instantaneously. The use of such strong magic, this tampering with the very framework of reality, will attract other elemental creatures trying to right the imbalance: Jinn, Ghouls or Afarit, for example. To read more about elemental magic, check out Zak Smith’s blog post Temple of Elemental Bickering.
The marid are lords of water, the personifications of floods, tsunamis and avalanches. They are black like the darkest ocean and their presence dims all light like an approaching storm. They have the natural ability to cast water, fog, rain, flood and destruction at will and can teach them to you, for a price. The weather changes brought about by a marid last for several days without a renewal being required.

HD 12 AC 1 3d6 MV 24 ML 12 XP 4500; water, fog, rain, flood, destruction at will; magic required to hit

A marid can be summoned from Niflheim using the spell summoning a lord of water (5th circle). When first cast, it creates a link between the caster and a random marid. Subsequent castings will keep summoning the same marid until one of you dies. Sorcerer kings of old have sometimes used entrapment of ethereal bodies (5th circle) to transfer that bond to an objects in order to imprison the marid. Some of these prison rings, lamps and jars still survive. Don’t forget to make a reaction check when freeing such a marid!

A typical marid prison object will have a minuscule gate to a watery demiplane inside it. If you can pass through the tiny opening and if you can breath underwater, you too can enter this hidden palace. If somebody plugs the hole while you’re inside, though—you know the feeling! That’s why an marid is usually loath to reenter it once freed.

Numbers: 1. Typically somebody has summoned it, or bound it to an object and what you’re actually finding is the object itself.

Treasure: none.

Terrain: caves.