Medusa (Picture) Medusas are creatures cursed by a desperate need for love and yet their looks cause bitter death: anybody seeing the living snakes in their hair must save vs. petrification or turn to stone. Bling fighting or using a mirror to fight incurs the usual penalty of -4 to hit.

Approaching a medusa also allows the snakes on her head to attack. Their bite is poisonous and leads to death in 10 min.

Note that there is no known way to turn petrified creatures back to flesh. And worse: since petrified victims are not really dead, their soul remain imprisoned in their stone bodies for all eternity. Some scholars speculate that grinding these statues to dust and washing them away into the sea, or letting the acid and rain erode it away to nothingness is the only way to free those imprisoned souls.

As all the clothes and gear one wears are similarly petrified and lost, a medusa will sometimes trick their victims into undressing before she uncovers her hair.

HD 4 AC 8 1d6 or poison F6 MV 9 ML 8 XP 190; petrification

Numbers: 1. Sometimes giant scorpions can be found nearby.

Names: Agace, Iolente, Mireille, Shambleau, Tisbe, Ysmaine.

Treasure: The treasures of the men and women she charmed and killed. 10% for 3d6×1000sp, 40% for 1d6×1000gp, 40% for 1d6×100pp, 20% for 1d6 gems, 20% for 1d6 jewelry, 30% each for four magic items.

Terrain: deserts, ruins.