Minotaur (Picture)

Mental Maze (3rd circle) acts as a confusing area effect extending 300ft in all directions. Anybody entering the area must save vs. spells or soon leave it again, not having found what they were looking for. Hedge Maze (4th circle) grows plants until they create a physical maze extending 300ft in all directions after an hour. The hedge will remain and cannot be dispelled. If the magic is dispelled, the hedge will slowly wither and die over the coming weeks. The thorny walls are 20ft high and difficult to burn and hard to cross. It’s much easier to search the maze, given that there is always a way to reach its centre. Stone Maze (5th circle) raises a stone maze from the ground extending 300ft in all directions after 10min. These stones will remain and cannot be dispelled. The stone walls are 30ft high.
Minotaurs are cow people. They are broad and strong, with great horns and beautiful eyes. If they remain in an area for a few days, a mental maze will slowly start to form around them. Once they stay for many weeks, a hedge maze will start to grow. And finally, after a few years, a stone maze will start to grow. This is a permanent effect and the only way to avoid it is to always keep on the move. The creation of mazes being a special ability of minotaurs they cannot be taught. But they might be studied in order to research such spells.

HD 6 AC 6 2d6 MV 12 ML 11 XP 570

Numbers: 1d8.

Names: Silence, Patience, Rage, Axe, Gore.

Treasure: Their lair contains the collected plunder of their roving years. 30% for 1d6×1000sp, 20% for 1d6 gems, 20% for 1d6 jewelry, 10% each for two magic items.

Terrain: caves, mountains.