Portrait Moroson is a priest of Marduk, Keeper of the Flame, Master of the Mace, Lion King of Paranash. His tower is built at the far end of a narrow gorge, right atop a fountain. The gorge is quite narrow but a dragon could still fly to the tower and land at the top. Down below, people travel single file.

Here, in this remote location, Moroson trains travelling judges. These will travel the land with a retinue of twelve guards and settle disputes and carry out judgements. They will act as both judge and executioner, but they will only act when an accuser invokes their help with the phrase “Traveller, I need an impartial judge. I will submit to your judgement if you will investigate this crime.” These judges do not like false accusations.

Interestingly, these judges don’t use any actual spells to resolve their cases. They say that this would prevent others from verifying their arguments and thus decrease the impact of their judgements.

The Book of Armies

Circle Spell
1Bolt of power shoots one unerring bolt of liquid sunlight dealing 1d6+1 to a target within 180ft. This increases to three missiles at level 5 and to five missiles at level 10. You may aim these missiles at different targets.
1Protection from harm covers you shining armour made of solid sunlight granting you AC 4 against melee attacks and AC 2 against ranged attacks. This magic armour weighs nothing and allows you to swim. The spell lasts for 2h.
1Voice of the ruler convinces a person that that hears you that you are to be obeyed unless they save vs. spells. This servitude continues as long as you want. Victims are granted a new save every week and whenever they are forced to do anything that they really hate to do.
2Chariot of fire sets your chariot on fire such that anywhere you ride flammable objects start burning and anybody standing too close takes 1d6 fire damage, no save.
2Club of law turns your own weapon into a searing weapon of light dealing an extra 1d6 damage. If your weapon is not magical, it now counts as a magical +0 weapon. The spells lasts for 20min.
2Eyes of the overlord allows you to see anything invisible within 60ft. The spell lasts for 20min.
3Ligning bolt is a javelin of lightning dealing 1d6 per caster level (minimum 5d6) to a target within 180ft and anybody standing between you and the target. Targets may save vs. spells for half. Wooden structures like shields, doors or siege engines hit will be destroyed.
3Wings of god allows a target to fly for 2h. Their movement rate is half that of a person running (MV 6).
3Protection from hail protects you from missiles of all sorts for 2h. Arrows and sling stones cannot pierce this shining shield, but rocks thrown by giant or spells will still hit you.
4Sun chariot summons a flying, flaming, scythed chariot dealing 2d6 to anybody you ride past. It holds three people. The chariot is yours to command for 8h. Its movement rate is as fast as a wolf (MV 18).
4Voice of the master dominates a creature to serve you. You need to speak a language it understands for it to obey specific commands. If you don’t, you are limited to whatever you can convey without words. The spell lasts for 10min.
4Wall of fire creates a stationary wall of fire 300ft wide, 30ft high and 10ft deep. No animal will cross it and any other creature doing so will take 2d6 points of fire damage. This wall lasts for 20min or until dismissed.
5Eyes of truth reveals all illusions, invisible things, ethereal beings, astral projections and whatever else there is. This spell lasts for 10min.
5Melting walls turns stone to mud. This will usually be enough to breach almost all city walls. Basically a cube of 30ft on every side is affected, so if the wall is thicker than 30ft, it is won’t be breached.