Mummy (Picture)

Hold (4th circle) forces anybody seeing you within 60ft to save vs. paralysis or be unable to move, experiencing a cold hand squeezing their heart and the shrivelling of their eyes, their tongue, their intestines. A held person will not drop anything and remain standing, staring at you in utter fear. Attacking anybody or leaving the victims’ field of vision ends the hold.

Mummies are undead sorcerer kings filled with cold hate, robbed of their spell casting powers of old, fallen from grace, preserved for an eternal afterlife that never came. Anybody who sees them must save vs. paralysis or be held. This hold disappears if the victim can no longer see the mummy or if it attacks anybody. Blind fighting incurs a -4 penalty. Mummies holding victims will leave the killing to the rest of their family or other undead minions unaffected by their aura of paralysis.

HD 5+1 AC 6 1d12 MV 6 ML 12 XP 660; hold, unaffected by sleep, charm, and other such spells

Numbers: 1d8. A tomb usually holds multiple mummies of a ruling dynasty. Often found in the company of zombies.

Names: Beauty of the Stars, Light of Heaven, Sky Lord, Horse Lord, Chariot Empress, Lord of the River.

Treasure: The jewels, chalices, sceptres, diadems and rings they were buried with. 30% for 1d6×1000sp, 50% for 1d8×1000gp, 40% for 1d6 gems, 40% for 1d6 jewelry, 10% each for four magic items.

Terrain: caves.