Orc (Picture) Orcs are pig men, with heads of wild boar, strong and wild, with an excellent sense of smell. They can see in the dark and prefer to move at night. They live in remote woods, far away from civilization.

HD 1 AC 6 1d6 F1 MV 12 ML 8 XP 10

Numbers: 1d6×10. An orc clan, led by an orc with level 1d6+1 and typically keeping 1d6-1 boars (possibly none). When 1d6 clans join together to form a war band and go plundering the human settlements, they are accompanied by 1d6-1 ogres (possibly none).

Names: Mushroom Friend. Pie Eater. Pig Face. Strong Arm. Spear Thrower.

Treasure: Their lair contains the spoils of war. 20% for 1d10×1000sp, 60% for 1d8×1000gp, 40% for 1d6 gems, 40% for 1d6 jewelry, 10% each for four magic items. Their leader may own more magic items: 5% per level per item type.

Terrain: caves, forests.