Squid, Giant

Octopus Squids have eight arms and two tentacles, octopuses have eight arms. The inside surfaces of these are lined with suction cups whose circumference is again lined with serrated chitin. In addition to that, they have a beak to chew their victims and a tongue with small, file-like teeth to shred their victims. When arms or tentacles hit, they will attach themselves to their victim. From now on, they’ll deal automatic damage until the victim is dead. The beak will bite one of the victims the squid is already attached to.

HD 6 AC 7 8–10×1d6/1d10 F3 MV 12 ML 7 XP 600; attach

Giant squid can attack and damage a ship directly instead of fighting sailors, but consider what this leads to: player characters have nowhere to run, have nobody to parlay with, and if they lose the fight, they will all drown in their armor. You need to think of ways to make this part of a good adventure.

Numbers: 1.

Treasure: none. If the squid is found in a sunken ship, you can roll for some Human treasure.

Terrain: water.