Spam Fighting, No Mail Notifications


Only retainers will join player characters on adventures. You can read more about retainers in the Basic Rules.

Type Race Cost Equipment
torch bearers and porters human 5 sp/day none
men-at-arms level 0human 1 gp/day see subtable for humans
demihuman level 0
(elves, dwarves, halflings)
other 3 gp/day see subtable for demihumans
anybody with levels 1/3 share of all treasure found special

Mercenaries and servants live in the houses, caves, towers and fortifications assigned to them. They do not go on adventures.

Mercenaries, Servants Race Cost Morale Equipment AC
servants, cooks human 1 gp/month 6none 9
light infantery
eg. bandits
human 3 gp/month 8sword, shield, leather armor 6
light infantery goblin 1 gp/month 7sword, shield, leather armor 6
heavy infantery
eg. guards
human 4 gp/month 8sword, shield, chain mail 4

Mercenaries expect their employer to maintain their equipment. This improves morale by +1.

When hiring pay 5 gp to hire a town crier. Pay an extra 5 gp to gain +1 to the following rolls. Roll for the number of candidates, then roll two dice per candidate.

1d6#Candidates Type
10torch-bearer or porter
21torch-bearer or porter
32torch-bearer or porter
43human level 0
54human level 0
65demihuman level 0
76demihuman level 0

Torch-bearers and porters will not fight. They carry no equipment (AC 9). Even if equipped with arms and armor, they will always flee or surrender. Roll separately for hit-points (hp) and equipment.

Humans Level 0
1d6hp Equipment AC
11club 9
22dagger 9
32hand axe 9
43spear (may fight from the back row)9
53hand axe, leather armor 7
64hand axe, leather armor, shield 6
74sword, shield, scale mail 5

Level 0 elves cast no spells. Note that monster hit-points are determined separately.

Demihumans level 0
1d6hp Race and Equipment AC
11halfling with dagger, short sword, sling, buckler, breastplate 6
22halfling with dagger, short bow, leather armor 7
33dwarf with dagger, 2H war axe, chain mail 5
44dwarf with dagger, war hammer, crossbow, shield, banded mail 3
55elf with dagger, sword, shield, chain mail 4
66elf with dagger, short sword, long bow, chain mail 5
76monster from the surrounding area, roll another d6:
1. goblin: HD 1-1, AC 6, Atk 1 short sword (1d6)
2. gnome: HD 1, AC 5, Atk 1 pick axe (1d6)
3. lizard man: HD 2+1, AC 5, Atk spear (1d6+1)
4. frog man: HD 2, AC 4, Atk 2 claws and 1 bite (1d6 each)
5. ogre: HD 4+1, AC 5, Atk 1 club (1d10)
6. troll: HD 6+3, AC 4, Atk 2 claws (1d6 each) and 1 bite (1d10)